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Diapulmon Dio-PP

OTC Medicines of PannonPharma Ltd.

Name of the medicine Package size ATC number Registration number Active Ingredient(s)
Antagel® M 850 mg tablets 20x A02A A04 OGYI-T-5035/01 850 mg Magnesium hydroxide
in each tablet
Dentocar® tablets 100x A01A A01 OGYI-T-3333/01,03 0.5 mg Sodium fluoride
in each tablet
Dentocar® forte tablets 50x A01A A01 OGYI-T-3714/01 2.21 mg Sodium fluoride
in each tablet
Dio-PP® 600 mg tablets 30x C05C A03 OGYI-T-20350/01 600 mg Diosmin in each tablet
Gerovit® capsule 20x A11A B19 OGYI-T-3224/01

Multivitamin preparation

0.5 mg Methylandrostenediol

In each capsule
Miralgin® tablets 10x, 20x N02B E51 OGYI-T-3886/02-03

400 mg paracetamol

50 mg caffeine

in each tablet
Novascabin® emulsion 70 g P03A X51 OGYI-T-9796/01

21.5 g Benzyle benzoate

0.75 g Dimetil phthalate

in 70 g emulsion (1 container)
Phlogosam® foam 75 g D03A X OGYI-T-3566/01

0.73 g Dexpanthenol

1.82 g Lidocaine

2.18 g Sodium sulfosalicylates samarate

in one container
Phlogosam® ointment 20 g D03A X OGYI-T-3274/01 30 mg Sodium sulfosalicylates samarate in 1 g ointment
Septosyl® eye ointment 5 g S01A B06 OGYI-T-3117/01 100 mg Sulfadimidine
in 1 g ointment
Taleum eye drop 10 ml S01G X01 OGYI-T-4037/01 20 mg Sodium cromoglicate
in 1 ml solution

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